Favorite Seed Companies to Find Organic Rare Seeds

I purchase vegetable & herb seeds year round, especially when I see something interesting that I want to grow next season. When I am prepping for the upcoming gardening season I have a go to list of seed companies that I like to work with. Most of them are organically grown & all are non GMO (these are topics for another blog on the differences and what that means for you!).

So lets jump right into the list! Here are my favorite places to purchase seeds for my vegetable garden:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: www.rareseeds.com

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: www.southernexposure.com

MI Gardener: www.migardener.com

Peaceful Valley Seed Co: www.groworganic.com

Hudson Valley Seeds: www.hudsonvalleyseeds.com

Botanical Interests: www.botanicainterests.com

Hoss Tools: www.hosstools.com

Territorial Seed Company: www.territorialseed.com

Johnny's Selected Seeds: www.johnnyseeds.com

High Mowing Seeds: www.HighMowingSeeds.com

Burpee: www.Burpee.com

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