I could eat a pickle at every meal! What is super cool about this particular brand is when you are done eating your pickles, it only takes us a few days to knock a jar out, you are left with a nice canning jar.With an abundance of empty pickle jars I started to think about how I can recycle them into an awesome craft . Here is what I came up with.

After thinking of several different ideas I was shopping one day and saw some simple solar lights. This project cost a total of $6 and that was for the solar lights , no additional purchases were needed. Other tools I used were a hammer, a Phillips head screwdriver, and wire cutters.

Use a pencil or eyeball the space needed on the jar lid to slide up the length of the solar light base. Use screwdriver and hammer to cut your opening. Clip excess metal from the jar with the wire cutters to make it smooth.

Slide the lid on the base and screw the jar on top! It’s that simple. Change things up by coloring your jars, adding colored tissue paper inside, or tying a ribbon around the lid.

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