VIDEO: Northern Virginia Vegetable Garden Tour: The Semper Fresh Garden

If you know me personally, then you know that I love to cook! Cooking with ingredients I have grown myself is something that I also love.

Several years ago, we rented a farm for our nonprofit (Semper K9) that had a garden space. As I was gardening for our family, I began to notice that veterans and their spouses who came to the farm for training with their service dogs took an interest in the garden. This is when I made a decision that we would always have a garden at Camp Semper K9, even if I funded it personally. To date, we have had so many of our Semper K9 families get involved and felt encouraged to start their own garden at home.

The goal of the Semper Fresh Garden is to feed families staying on-site for their service dog training during their stay. Its purpose is to also educate & inspire while providing food for the veterans we serve and our volunteers & staff. As we establish this garden to the size needed to accommodate our goals, we will be sharing the journey on our YouTube channel at Raising Baitys.

Here is a look at our garden in July 2020 which includes all the varieties we are currently growing and their progress.

We share the garden wins and the garden fails in this video as part of our goal is to educate others. Subscribe to our channel to ensure that you get to follow along with our progress!

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